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Some of our Scholarship Recipients

Leanne Leelo


“I would like to take this time to thank everyone at Trust Porirua in helping me reach my goal. The scholarship from Trust Porirua has helped with my tertiary studies immensely. I never felt held back at university because of the extra help I was given so it made me strive to pass and do my best in all my classes. I think if I didn't have the help I would have really struggled to find the money to pay for accommodation and textbooks, as I am from a low income family.
I am very humbled and grateful for receiving this scholarship as I am now proud to say I have graduated university with a degree in science – majoring in Zoology and minoring in Ecology.
I am the first in my family of six kids (where I am the second youngest) to even have had the chance to go to university and come out with a degree.
With many thanks and gratitude,”

Leanne (ex Mana College student)

Ivana Pereira


“Being awarded the Trust Porirua Scholarship has had a huge impact throughout my (very cold) journey down here at Otago University.
When I was first told I had received this particular scholarship, it was a huge financial weight lifted off not only my shoulders but my mum’s shoulders as well. Not only has it enabled me to attend Otago but it has also helped me build relationships with the lovely people who awarded me this prestigious scholarship.
The Trust Porirua Scholarship has helped me pay for my accommodation fees which estimate to $13,500. Without this scholarship I can honestly say I would most likely not be here at Otago University today.
I would like to extend the greatest of thanks to the amazing Porirua Community Trustees for giving me this wonderful opportunity”.

Ivana Pereira

Marama Elkington


“This scholarship has allowed me to solely focus on my studies, rather than having to use my time looking for other financial assistance options to pay for university resources. I was able to purchase a new laptop which has been essential in assisting me in assignments, studies, and keeping in touch for important school emails and functions. It also gave me an incentive, as I knew people have invested in me and I did not want to let them down.
I am truly grateful to everyone involved with Trust Porirua for investing, and believing in me enough to be a part of my life's journey. I hope that I can portray my thanks through the success of my studies.
Nga mihi,”