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History of the Porirua Community Trust

The Porirua Community Trust was established in 2007 as the successor to the Porirua Licensing Trust.

In 1954 the Porirua area voted in the general election of that year to become a “wet area”, or an area where liquor could be sold (after having been a dry area, an area where the sale of liquor was illegal, since the time of prohibition in the 1920s.)

The options at the poll at that time were for electors to vote for national prohibition, national continuance or state purchase and control. Porirua voters voted for national continuance and so were then given another option, to choose whether they wanted a licensing trust to be established or whether they wanted the private sector to run liquor sales in the area. A licensing Trust was chosen in a subsequent poll and so the first election for trustees was timed to coincide with local authority elections in 1956.

In 1995 a poll was called for a vote on whether the Trust should continue to have exclusive rights for liquor sales in its area or whether competition should be introduced. The poll favoured the introduction of competition. The Licensing Trusts with added overheads such as election expenses and the requirement for Government Audit Office audits did not perform particularly well over time and it was decided in 2007 to reconstitute as a Community Trust under the provisions of the Sale of Liquor Act 1989.

This gave the new Trust the option of exiting the very competitive retail liquor business, to lease its liquor outlets and to concentrate on the more risk adverse business of being a landlord. However the Sale of Liquor Act required the approval of a public meeting with the majority in attendance voting in favour of a Community Trust being established. If the meeting did not favour a Community Trust being established, the Porirua Licensing Trust would have been wound up with its assets to be transferred to the ownership of the Porirua City Council.

A meeting was held in the Helen Smith Community Room at Pataka and a vote in favour of the Community Trust was carried comfortably.

If you would like more information you can download a more detailed history of the Porirua Community Trust here.

In July 2015, with Mana Community Grants Foundation ceasing to operate as a Class IV gaming society and the sale of its assets to Trust House Foundation, the Trustees of Porirua Community Trust became the Regional Net Proceeds Committee for Trust House Foundation.

The Committee operates under the Porirua Community Trust banner and makes recommendations for the distribution of gaming machine funds from Porirua and Tawa sites who have a Venue Agreement in place with Trust House Foundation.

The Porirua Community Trust Today

  1. Is a vehicle for Trustees to be first elected to it and then appointed to the Trust Porirua Board, a charitable trust and essentially the vehicle for managing the Porirua Community Trust groups assets
  2. Trustees are appointed to the Porirua Regional Net Proceeds Committee who meet to consider local Grant Applications and make recommendations
  3. Reports annually the Porirua Community Trust group’s performance
  4. Oversees the group’s statutory responsibilities

Porirua Community Trust


Henry Smith

Deputy Chair

Izzy Ford

Porirua Regional Net Proceeds Committee

Makes recommendations for local grant distribution to Trust House Foundation


Litea Ah Hoi

Trust Porirua

Managing properties and investments, awarding local tertiary scholarships


Tim Sheppard

Deputy Chair

Eleanor Cater