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Media Release - 20 September 2016

Incorrect information in the 2016 Local Government Elections Candidate Profiles booklet 

Incorrect figures have been provided and published in the 2016 Local Government Elections Handbook, with regards to distribution of grants from gaming revenue at the Porirua Community Trust.

Because of the closure of Mana Community Grants Foundation claims have been made, by a current Trustee, that funds going back to the community will reduce by 60% (from $2.5m to $1m per annum).

Mana Community Grants Foundation was wound up in 2015. Gaming funds to distribute, based on actual financial figures, have reduced by 25%:

  • in 2014/2015 financial year Mana Community Grants Foundation distributed $2.38m
  • in the 12 months to August 2016, the regional net proceeds committee for Trust House Foundation distributed $1.77m

In 2015 three gaming venues were lost to other societies because binding clauses, which contained technical breaches, had to be removed from their tenancy contracts. This meant that these venues could sign up with other societies.

Mana Community Grants Foundation was struggling with meeting legislative requirements. The latest DIA audit threatened its forced closure with several breaches going back many years. Forced closure would have meant a total loss of all gaming venues.

The decision to close Mana Community Grants Foundation was taken after much deliberation and professional advice. Trustees made the decision to partner with Trust House as a regional net proceeds committee precisely to ensure that maximum gaming funds would go back to the local community in the future.

Two excellent venues have been retained, continuing to return good amounts to the community. In this latest grants round in August 2016 $390k was granted to over 80 local organisations.

In addition Trust Porirua is on track with its investment and property income to offer over $50,000 in scholarships again this coming financial year.

For further information contact:

Litea Ah Hoi, Chair Porirua Regional Net Proceeds Committee for Trust House Foundation - 021 546 664
Henry Smith, Chair Porirua Community Trust - 027 458 6478
Tim Sheppard, Chair Trust Porirua – 021 203 8999
Eleanor Cater, Trustee Porirua Community Trust - 027 407 1073
Sarah Dow, Trustee Porirua Community Trust – 021 343 341