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February 22, 2018

Announcing 2018 Special Impact Grant Recipients
After much deliberation Trustees at the Porirua Community Trust are delighted to announce that there are 3 inspiring recipients of the Porirua Community Trust’s special Impact Grants, grants which are particularly aimed at organisations wanting to make a positive social and environmental impact.
  • Porirua’s own WELLfed – proudly facilitating social change using food education as a vehicle
  • Graeme Dingle Foundation - piloting a new version of ‘Project K’ in Porirua – helping transform the lives of ‘at risk’ youth (and rolling out this pilot to other parts of NZ).
  • Titahi Bay Community Group (for Whitireia Restoration Group) – developing native coastal gardens and protecting species at three coastal sites at Whitireia Park, Pukerua Bay coastal reserve and Paekakariki.

Rebecca Morahan. Co-founder of WELLfed said, “It is a total game-changer for WELLfed! To be able to start the year ahead with some substantial funding knowing we have the financial ability to turn a number of key projects into reality. We are very appreciative of the support being given to the goals and vision of WELLfed to empower adults to 'feed their families WELL.”

Jenny Stiles, CEO from the Graeme Dingle Foundation said, “We are incredibly grateful to the Porirua Community Trust for allowing to trial this exciting new way of selecting students for Project K. Porirua will be the first community in the country to open up selection for the Graeme Dingle Foundation’s transformational programme, Project K.”

“Until now only students attending high schools, where Project K is run, could be selected for the programme. But we saw an opportunity to open up selection for Project K and to trial a community-based referral process. This will enable all students, who meet the inclusion criteria, to be part of Project K - opening the door for many more young people, who need it most.”

Congratulations to all involved, all of whom illustrated an impressive vision and passion for their cause.

2018 Impact Grants have now closed but you can apply for further funding for your cause or community group at the link here.

Trust Developments, January 2018

Development of a new charitable Trust to meet the future needs of Porirua City

Trustees at the Porirua Community Trust have been reviewing the structure of the current Trust, which was set up under quite different conditions as a Licensing Trust during the local authority elections of 1956. At the time Licensing Trusts were established to operate and manage liquor sales in local areas, under exclusive rights which were abolished locally in 1995.

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November 2017

The Porirua Community Trust is seeking applications for a range of new Impact Grants.

As a result of some returned funds we are looking to make a range of grants ($5k-$50k, depending on the number and quality of applications) to local not-for-profit organisations looking to make a positive social impact.

Click here for further details

August 2017

So far it has been a year of planning at the Porirua Community Trust. We have had a changeover of Trustees as well as management – both admin and financial - and it’s been a period of readjustment for new accounting and reporting standards. The Trustees would like to thank Keryn Martin and Adele Hardie for all the work they have undertaken in getting our administration and financial accounts smoothly operating.

On the grants side we have heard that there may be some misinformation swirling about that we no longer support schools! This is not correct, in fact we will always support grant applications from schools, funds permitting. The good news is that we don’t have a separate grants round for schools any more so they can apply once a year at any time when their need is greatest. Schools, and other community groups, should go to our website at which will link you to Trust House Foundation to make an application for a need that they have, whether it be technology, resource, asset or event-based.

We would also recommend that community groups apply to other gaming Trusts that operate in Porirua city, including Pelorus Trust, NZCT (with a focus particularly on sport), Four Winds Foundation and Pub Charity. In the current grants climate our local groups will need to get comfortable with spreading their nets wider for funding.

Trust Porirua is a separate arm of ours where we receive funds from our investments and property portfolio. In recent years our focus has been tertiary scholarships however for the future our Trustees have made the decision to focus on areas which will make more of a community-wide social impact. We are now actively assessing social enterprise opportunities which will do good in the community and provide opportunities where the need is greatest, while making sound financial sense. As well as this we will continue to support a number of Whitireia scholarships for the foreseeable future.

It’s a time of planning and refocusing our strategic direction and we look forward to reporting back to the community on the initiatives we choose to support in the future, as well as the social impact they are making.

Henry Smith, Tim Sheppard, Litea Ah Hoi, John Burke, Eleanor Cater and Izzy Ford
Trustees Porirua Community Trust

2 December 2016 News

The local funding landscape is changing - latest news from the Porirua Community Trust

There have been some big changes in recent times for funding for community groups in Porirua City. The low-down is that it really means a change to where funding can be sourced and it’s important that community groups get savvy and smart with their funding applications.

Grant funding

At the Porirua Community Trust we have teamed up with Trust House Foundation, which currently has two gaming venues within our boundaries, and we act as their Net Proceeds Committee recommending giving 100% back within Porirua and Tawa. We believe that these funds should, without exception, go back to benefitting the local community of source. Traditionally we have supported a wide range of causes including environment, welfare, arts, every sports club and every school – pre-school, primary and college –in the area. With changes to our funding base (and, disappointingly, several local gaming venues signing up with national societies) we are having to review our wide level of support to so many local causes. It is the sad reality of the environment we are now working in.

It’s important for local groups to understand the local money-go-round; the two local venues we work with (who are dedicated to supporting Porirua and Tawa, where 100% of their gaming proceeds flow back to the community) are The Ledge (at 1 Serlby Place) and Sports Bar 888 (in Tawa). They have been unflinching in their support of the Porirua Community Trust, and local groups, and we thank them for that. We would like to welcome more venues to join us, to ensure that 100% of funds go back locally, and are working hard to make that happen.

Our venue at The Ledge has had a major seismic upgrade and is reopening in early December – call in some time soon to see our newly refurbished (and safe) venue and show them some support!

NZCT, now with two venues in Porirua, currently gives over 80% back to amateur sport. Other venues in Porirua and Tawa are with the following gaming societies: Pelorus Trust, Pub Charity and First Sovereign Trust. Realistically, the big local clubs and organisations who have relied on the Porirua Community Trust (or the now defunct Mana Community Grants Foundation) for big chunks of their funding should now be spreading their net wider.

For sports clubs NZCT support sport and say they support local; they are certainly a good place to start. If your initiative is wider than Porirua City it might pay to look at some of the other big gaming societies, including Pelorus, Infinity and the Wellington Community Trust.


On another note we have been honoured to be able to offer a number of 3-year tertiary scholarships for each college in Porirua City, as well as scholarships for students at Whitireia for study in 2017 and beyond. We are supporting students across the board in from arts to computer science, law to health science, accounting to social work, trades and nursing – the sky really is the limit and we have been really impressed with our scholarship applicants, our city’s future is in good hands!

And thank you…

Finally, we thank you all for your support at the recent local body elections. We have said farewell to Sarah Dow and thank her for her years of service and we have a new Trustee on board in Deputy Mayor Izzy Ford. We have also recently appointed a new Trust Manager, Keryn Martin, who has an impressive background in Trust work and a real passion for Porirua City. Be assured that we are working hard for the best interests of the Porirua community. We would be happy to meet and chat with any local groups needing funding advice, please contact us and see further details on our website at

Henry Smith, Litea Ah Hoi, Tim Sheppard, Eleanor Cater, John Burke and Izzy Ford
Trustees at the Porirua Community Trust

June 2016 News

It’s been quite a year, these past 12 months, at the Porirua Community Trust.

With the wind up of Mana Community Grants Foundation and the establishment of the net proceeds committee under Trust House Foundation (who took over the running of our gaming venues) it’s business as usual with the local distribution of funds, as the only net proceeds committee to guarantee that 100% of the funds raised locally go back into the local community. We’ve been working hard to keep these funds local and have been really disheartened by a change of societies for some local gaming venues with the funds being diverted elsewhere (most likely to larger centres in New Zealand). We firmly believe that gaming venues should support the people that support them and, over the coming months, we look forward to having discussions and welcoming new gaming venues to join us, where we can guarantee that funds will go back to the local community.

It’s local groups who make Porirua city great. Many of the groups we support support us in return and we really appreciate that mutually supportive culture the Porirua city nurtures so well. We recently received this great note from Mike Hall, from the Titahi Bay Marlins: "With Trust House Foundation support our Club has growing immensely with members and the resources we now have. It’s important to support local, it’s really made a difference to our club and we know this support wouldn’t be as available from some of the bigger Foundations. Trust House Foundation is now the society with the local knowledge so our club is supporting them and their venues.” Thanks Mike!

For the year ended 31 March 2016, as a net proceeds committee, we have recommended $1.86M in grants to 265 organisations. It’s been a big year! And we are really staggered with the range of initiatives happening within Porirua city, with a notable increase in welfare groups applying. There are big needs in our city but we are also a city with a big heart with so many volunteers and people willing to help out to community groups who are struggling.

At Trust Porirua we were delighted to again award 10 scholarships to Whitireia students based in Porirua city, as well as scholarships to each of Porirua’s six colleges. The heartwarming stories and letters we get back from scholarship recipients – many of whom could not attend their courses without the scholarship – give us real hope for the future of such bright Porirua people. Being able to make possible many opportunities that students might not otherwise have is a big driver of ours at the Trust.

We’ve also had to make some big calls on the investment properties we manage, in particular the building at Serlby Place which houses The Ledge and Red Rat Clothing. We are currently in the final planning stages of an immense seismic upgrade and improvement of this building which is at the heart of Porirua city. This upgrade, combined with the upcoming demolition of the public toilets opposite Countdown, will make this area of the CBD so much more appealing in the coming months – stay tuned we will keep you informed of developments!

We are no longer operating from an office in Mana, we are cloud-based and online and Lee Adamson, our long term Executive Officer, now runs a remote office. Application forms for Trust House can be accessed via our website , or at The Ledge or at 888 Sports Bar in Tawa. If you would like to make an appointment to chat with any of our Trustees at any time, please call us on 233 6230 or email

Nga mihi nui

Henry Smith, Litea Ah Hoi, Tim Sheppard, Sarah Dow, Eleanor Cater and John Burke
Trustees Porirua Community Trust

July 2015 - Media Release

Changes at Mana Community Grants Foundation.

The Mana Community Grants Foundation (MCGF) has operated as a Gaming Society since 2002. Over the many years it has distributed millions of dollars back into the Porirua community, to a wide range of organisations benefitting our community. This financial year alone it has distributed $2,385,472 and it is essential to so many local organisations that this community benefit continues.

With this in mind the Trustees of MCGF have decided on changes in how they will operate to ensure long term sustainability of funding and that all profits generated at gaming venues remain in the community.

After considerable deliberations and reflection by the MCGF Trustees they have made the bold decision to cease operating as a class IV gaming society. The operations of MCGF have been managed by Trust House Ltd for the last 12 months and the decision was made to stay with Trust House for familiarity and a smooth transition. The process of the sale of assets and the transfer of those venues wishing to transfer to Trust House Foundation (THF) will be completed over the coming months.

There are 6 publicly elected Trustees to the Porirua Community Trust (PCT). Litea Ah Hoi is Chair and the other Trustees are Sarah Dow, Tim Sheppard, Henry Smith, Eleanor Cater and John Burke. These same 6 trustees will now make up the Regional Net Proceeds Committee (RNPC) for Trust House Foundation.

The committee will operate under the Porirua Community Trust banner and will make recommendations for the distribution of funds from venues which are operated by THF. Litea Ah Hoi, as a PCT trustee, will be the representative of the Porirua committee on the THF board.

Litea Ah Hoi said, “This decision will ensure that the significant financial benefits that Mana Community Grants Foundation have awarded to the community in the past will remain in place for many more years to come, without the capital expenditure, operational expenditure and overheads. It is a courageous and a futuristic overview decision by Trustees that will ensure the continued enhancement of community wellbeing remains our primary objective.”

Whilst some of the original outlets from the MCGF family decided not to transfer to THF, The Ledge, Metropolitan and 888 Sports Bar & Restaurant in Tawa have joined. The Trustees are confident that having these particular venues will ensure that proceeds of a similar value remain within the community.

Allan Pollard, CEO of Trust House, stated that “he is delighted to welcome the communities of Porirua and Tawa to the Trust House family and he looks forward to working with the Trustees of the local RNPC to ensure that community wellbeing is at the forefront of everything that we do”.

Litea Ah Hoi said, “We are very pleased to be working with the Trust House Foundation. Trustees are reassured that this changeover will ensure that funds raised in this community, will remain in this community. In effect, for our community, nothing will change other than the name. Our community will still access funding, and along with the THF board, we will still be distributing similar funds back into the community”.

Officially the changes occurred as at 30 June 2015, but it will take up to three months for MCGF to officially wind-up its distribution processes, with the first Porirua RNPC meeting expected to take place by September.

March 2015

Record grants awarded from Mana Community Grants Foundation. Local community groups have had a windfall after a very solid performance from the funds at Mana Community Grants Foundation.

Chairperson Litea Ah Hoi said was quite special to be able to award so much – close to $1 million – in this funding round to local groups after a year or two of scraping support together. “From careful management we have found ourselves in a position with some excess funds so could get some really exciting community initiatives off the ground, including a covered outdoor stage at Aotea Lagoon and funding a ‘Writer’s Walk’ in Porirua, to be made up of inscribed granite stone, celebrating the best of our poets and writers.”

Other organisations to benefit include wide range of sports clubs, welfare and health agencies. Carevets Charitable Foundation Trust were awarded $50,000 to go towards desexing programmes of cats and dogs in Porirua city, keeping the local population of animals healthy and under control.

The Porirua Foundation were granted $30,000 to go towards assisting families in real need with school stationery requirements and supporting the Shine Literacy Project which helps children with learning challenges. The Wesley Wellington Mission were supported in their Food Co-op initiative, which supplies cheap fruit and vegetables to low income families.

With the funds approved for them, the Wellington Free Ambulance service are now able to purchase two new vehicles to assist in emergencies while the Porirua RSA was allocated funding towards an exhibition on Gallipoli at Pataka.

“The range of causes we get to consider is very humbling; it really is an honour to be considering such worthy applications” said Ms Ah Hoi of herself and her fellow Trustees Sarah Dow, Eleanor Cater, Tim Sheppard, Henry Smith and John Burke.

The Mana Community Grants Foundation receives its income from gaming machine revenue across five sites in Porirua city and Tawa. The Foundation has a policy that 100% of the proceeds go back to the community of source – back to the Porirua and Tawa areas. They do not however decide on the number of gaming machines in Porirua city or Tawa, that decision sits with the local Councils.

The next grants round closes on Thursday, 30 April with decisions made by Trustees in May. For more information go to