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Marama Elkington

I am currently studying a Certificate In Health Science at the University of Auckland.

I live with my Aunt in Ellerslie, while I attend classes based in Glen Innes, which are quite a distance from each other.

The transition from College to University has included a huge increase in assignments, with smaller timeframes for deadlines.

It was especially hard as I had to balance my trainings for waka ama, so that I could attend the 2016 Waka Ama World Sprints in Australia (I came second in the open women division, and my team won 2 golds in the 500m and 1000m races).

I like the sheer size of Auckland and being around so many cool places, but I miss the smallness of Porirua and being able to travel places quicker.

Most importantly I miss being away from my family, but I have my Aunt and I have made so many friends who keep me sane, and are so vital in helping me to study. I think I have grown in professionalism as a student, and have become accustomed to the policies and systems in place within the university.

This scholarship has allowed me to solely focus on my studies, rather than having to use my time looking for other financial assistance options to pay for university resources. I was able to purchase a new laptop which has been essential in assisting me in assignments, studies, and keeping in touch for important school emails and functions. It also gave me an incentive, as I knew people have invested in me and I did not want to let them down.

I am truly grateful to everyone involved with Trust Porirua for investing, and believing in me enough to be a part of my life's journey. I hope that I can portray my thanks through the success of my studies.

Nga mihi,

Leanne Leelo

I would like to take this time to thank everyone at Trust Porirua in helping me reach my goal.

The scholarship from Trust Porirua has helped with my tertiary studies immensely. I never felt held back at university because of the extra help I was given so it made me strive to pass and do my best in all my classes. I think if I didn't have the help I would have really struggled to find the money to pay for accommodation and textbooks, as I am from a low incoming family.

I am very humbled and grateful for receiving this scholarship as I am now proud to say I have graduated university with a degree in science – majoring in Zoology and minoring in Ecology.

I am the first in my family of 6 kids, where I am the second youngest to even have the chance to go to university and come out with a degree.

With many thanks and gratitude,
Leanne Leelo (ex Mana College student)

Ivana Pereira

Being awarded the Trust Porirua Scholarship has had a huge impact throughout my very cold journey down here at Otago University.

When I was first told I had received this particular scholarship, it was a huge financial weight lifted off not only my shoulders but my mum’s shoulders as well. Not only has it enabled me to attend Otago but it has also helped me build relationships with the lovely people who awarded me this prestigious scholarship.

The Trust Porirua Scholarship has helped me pay for my accommodation fees which estimate to $13,500. Without this scholarship I can honestly say I would most likely not be here at Otago University today.

I would like to extend the greatest of thanks to the amazing Porirua Community Trustees for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Ivana Pereira

Sri Lanka Association of NZ

'We would like to thank Trust House Foundation and the Porirua Regional Net Proceeds Committee for the grant they provided for the Sri Lankan Ass of NZ annual quiz night and the screening of the children's film. These events assist keeping our culture alive for our younger generation'

Danny Muthumala, SLANZ

Ole Football Academy

'On behalf of the entire staff and board at Ole Football Academy, we would like to thank Trust House for the generous financial support we have received. We have an incredible synthetic turf facility, and with your support we have been able to provide a great resource to the community'

Ben Sippola, Ole Football Academy

Wellington Free Ambulance

"Wellington Free Ambulance is the only free-to-the-patient emergency ambulance service in New Zealand. We provide unparalleled care with the highest trained paramedics in the country. Wellington Free Ambulance is pleased to be able to support the people of Porirua City thanks to continuing help from the public and organisations such as the Trust House Foundation. This funding assists us with another vehicle on the road in the community – thank you!"

Diana Crossan, Chief Executive, Wellington Free Ambulance

Porirua Branch of the Society of Genealogists

"At the Porirua Branch of the New Zealand Society of Genealogists we promote the study of family history and genealogy, providing assistance to people wishing to complete a family history and encouraging the preservation of records having genealogical or historical value. The grant provided by the Porirua Community Trust will meet the cost of establishing a branch website and we are very grateful to the Foundation for their support."

Peter Gibson, Porirua Branch of the Society of Genealogists

Titahi Bay Marlins Rugby League Club

"The Titahi Bay Marlins RLC are proud to be associated with the Trust House Foundation, with their Support our Club has growing immensely with members and the resources we now have. It’s important to support local, it’s really made a difference to our club and we know this support wouldn’t be as available from some of the bigger Foundations. Trust House Foundation is now the society with the local knowledge so our club is supporting them and their venues.”

Mike Hall, Titahi Bay Marlins Rugby League Club

Kiwi Community Assistance

“Each year KCA provides the equivalent of 200,000 meals for families needing a hand up. Our base in Wellington's northern suburbs means that local support for us translates into local community support. While the amounts distributed may be smaller when funds are kept local, it’s often the smaller agencies and community groups that miss out if funds are centralised.”

Tracy Wellington, Kiwi Community Assistance

Plimmerton Christmas By The Beach

"The Porirua Community Trust is the only organisation to have supported Plimmerton Christmas By The Beach since year one. Their support has allowed the event to run and grow over the last 7 years. Our aim is to put on a high quality community Christmas event for young families that is free to attend. We see it as a gift to the community and have been inundated with thanks from families who can’t believe that they can attend the event and all the activities for free. We have also become known as the only family friendly Christmas event in the Wellington Region!

Not only has Porirua Community Trust been the only funder to fund us every year, but their support has given other funders the confidence to become involved knowing the event is going to proceed."

Matt Wood, Bonfire Community Trust

Fenella Brown

“I was never a top student at college, however this amazing support system built by Trust Porirua has been a huge motivator to gain top marks throughout my degree, resulting in my name being included in the Victoria University Deans List for Academic Excellence and my acceptance into the Honours programme. I could never thank Trust Porirua enough for what they have done for me and many other students. I hope that we can go on to make them very proud, they will not be forgotten.”

Fenella Brown, Aotea College Scholarship recipient.

Wellington Rugby League

"The Trust House Foundation has supported our junior rugby league players by way of providing funds for Porirua ground fees and for a Development Officer.

Without their kind support Wellington Rugby League wouldn't be able to provide quality fields for our junior players nor offer the same level of skill development. Wellington Rugby League would like to sincerely thank the Foundation for their support for our great game."

Lara Hemson, Wellington Rugby League.

Photo caption: Junior players developing their skills in the game.

Coastguard Mana

'The recent grant from Trust House has enabled us to carry out significant maintenance on the this vessel thus keeping it operational and available to assist local community boaties safe in our waterways. We greatly appreciate all the assistance given to us over the years.

Without the help of the Community Trust we would struggle to remain operational throughout the year.

Once again thanks very much to the trustees for their support.'

Peter Feely, Coastguard Mana